Swag for your Organization

One948 works with nonprofits, corporations, fraternities and sororities, and many others to source their custom swag needs. Our selection of custom, logo-branded items is endless. From pens, cups, Rubik's cubes, notepads, hats, and thousands of other items, we have your swag needs covered! Email us at info@one948.com for more info.

What differentiates us from other vendors?

  • We donate 10% of our profits towards nonprofits that support Israel (FIDF, Magen David Adom, and Hope for Sderot)
  • Competitive pricing give us an opportunity to bid on a project and you'll see!
  • FREE SHIPPING because shipping should always be free
  • Personalized customer service we aim to please :)
  • Free One948 t-shirts because who doesn't like free t-shirts? We throw in two of our One948 branded tees for every swag order placed through us. Use them as giveaways/prizes for an event, or in any other way you see fit!