Custom T-Shirts with Artists 4 Israel at Kent State

One948 Tour Bus - KSU
The One948 tour bus is packed and ready to go--fully stocked with snacks, boxes of our apparel, and a playlist for the road.  And we're headed for the next stop on the One948 Speaking Tour!

We are collaborating with youth groups on high school and college campuses participating in programs promoting Israel Advocacy.

Here's what happened when traveled to Kent State:

Our signature Israel Pocket tee was the canvas for talented street artists at this event.

On March 20th, we traveled to Kent State University to participate in a t-shirt customizing event with the help of professional street artists. We supplied hundreds of our Signature Israel Pocket t-shirts to Kent State students, who stopped by get a customized shirt by Artists 4 Israel (click to learn more about Artists 4 Israel and the amazing things they do to support the State of Israel and promote world peace through artwork.) 

This event was hosted by the Kent State chapter of Students Supporting Israel in collaboration with the Alpha Epsilon Pi--Phi Deuteron Chapter. The goal of Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is to spread peace and coexistence throughout the (Kent State) campus, community, and beyond--and what better way to encourage these values and learn about Israeli culture than with bringing fun and exciting experiences to the KSU campus?

Our visit to Kent State was definitely a success—and we were honored to have Artists for Israel transform our pocket tees into masterpieces—all in the name of world peace!

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