CLOTHING FOR A CAUSE: One948 Advocates for Israel Through Apparel

Co-founders, Brian Horowitz (left) and Matt Stahm.

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Who would believe that two best friends attending a bachelor party would result in the inspiration for a unique clothing line and social movement that would benefit Israel and strengthen the unity of Israel Supporters worldwide?  One948 co-founders, Brian Horowitz and Matt Stahm recall the story of how inspiration came about in an unlikely place.
    Horowitz disclosed that the idea for their signature Israel Pocket Tee came to him at a bachelor party last year, when (Stahm) noticed a pocket shirt he was wearing and commented, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if that pocket were in the shape of Israel?’  Within days, the two founded One948, designed their first product, and sourced manufacturers.  The two are now seeking the public’s help to reach their $18,000 goal through a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that is set to launch on September 26th.
    For these young entrepreneurs, this project fulfills their dreams of creating a sustainable business, while supporting Israel and their Jewish heritage.  Stahm remarks that he and his business partner are ‘life-long’ Israel supporters.  While most B’nai Mitzvot spend their Bar or Bat Mitzvah money, Stahm opted to contribute his savings to a noble cause, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF).  As stated by Stahm,“I understood the importance of supporting Israel at an early age because of my mother, Marcy Stahm’s involvement with the FIDF.”
    It is likely the result of Stahm and Horowitz’s exposure to their parents’ involvement with philanthropic organizations associated with Israel that appears to have laid the foundations for the One948 mission.  Once their store has launched, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that benefit Israel.  The company has selected three non-profit organizations--Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF), Hope for Sderot, and American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA) that offer military, humanitarian, and emergency aid, respectively.
    What began as a collaboration between the two friends, quickly expanded into a social movement by way of crowd-sourcing.  The Jewish community of Cleveland has been instrumental in guaranteeing the early success of One948.  “Community members have supported our project by providing selling opportunities, connecting us with mentors, and spreading awareness for our brand,”says Horowitz.
    Through social media, One948 has strengthened its brand loyalty and expanded its community to reach beyond Cleveland—including individuals from Argentina, Ireland, Israel, and Tanzania.  Horowitz maintains that the greatest asset to his success has been word-of-mouth, “It is our hope that people will continue to spread the word about our movement,”
  One948 hopes to achieve similar success on a national level through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.  Horowitz adds that requests to buy the shirts from Israel-supporters outside of the U.S. will be accommodated through the crowd-funding campaign.  Further, he explains that this will enable them to accept pre-orders on a global scale, accumulate the resources to open an online store , and strengthening the unity of Israel supporters worldwide.  
    Kickstarter backers will be able to choose from a selection of quality embroidered and screen-printed designs, including One948’s signature laser-cut Israel Pocket Tee in various colors and styles for men and women, which are proudly manufactured in America.  Additionally, three Israel-themed screen-printed designs will be available for purchase—in a variety of reward tiers.  The lowest tier begins with an $18 donation in exchange for a t-shirt of your choice, while the highest $1,800 donation will go toward eighteen custom-designed Israel-themed t-shirts.  As an added bonus, Horowitz explains that backers at this upper level will able to work with a One948 designer to create a custom design.  As stated by Stahm, the company has received multiple inquiries about other types of apparel such as sweatshirts or polos, but the company has not had the opportunity to deliver on custom items until now—‘as the proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign will go toward expanding our product offerings.’
    One948 was established on September 28, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio and is owned by Matt Stahm and Brian Horowitz.  The clothing line began with a signature Israel Pocket Tee and subsequently branched out to include Israel-themed screen-printed t-shirts, which have gone on to become some of One948’s best-selling items at pop-up shops across the country.  For more information on One948 or to schedule an interview with Matt and Brian, please call Brian at (216) 470-5388 or email One948 at


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